Handmade Italian cowhide top luxurious elegant designer Sofa

$3,799.00 Sale price $5,428.00
Main body: NEVERLAND 3540 G2 category 1
waist pillow: TP-011 F category
Large pillow: MOS-01 (patterned leather) F category (the pillow ratio is according to the matching plan)
Size with material to choose :
1 seat: 1.3meter: Velvet cloth
1 seat: 1.3 meter :Imported velvet 100% polyester
2 seat:1.7 meter velvet cloth

2 seats :2250*1080*660 in Imported Italian top layer leather
3 seats:2450*1000*650  in Solid wood inner frame + 45 density high resilience sponge + simulation
4 seats :3020*1040*670  in (matte full leather) All solid wood frame, seat bag: shaped high resilience sponge + high quality down, relying bag: high quality down + feather silk, carbon steel feet
4 seats :3020*1040*670 in (matte cloth) Seat bag: shaped high resilience sponge + high-quality down, relying bag: high-quality down + feather silk, carbon steel feet
The sofa adopts a luxurious and elegant design, with a comfortable shell-like appearance and tapered armrests. The sofa is 225 cm long, 108 cm wide, and 66 cm high. It is made of light brown Honey Moon fabric (standard car, color 130), with a neutral tone, which can meet any decoration needs.

Details and dimensions
• Material: Fabric: Italian cowhide top layer