Simple leisure chair

Saddle leather or leather elements design the wings
that surround the armchair, supporting the frame like
a carved corset, and the softness of the interior and
seat is fascinating. Behind the obvious simplicity of
the design is an advanced process that is used to
make padding with different foam textures and
saddle leather or leather corsets. They are made
using two different Baydur® molds, which perfectly
follow the armchair Curve.
Emphasizes the contrast and juxtaposes the rigid
frame of the saddle leather or leather elements with
the softness of the upholstered parts, which can also
be seen on the back, so interesting color
combinations for the saddle leather and fabric can be
The legs are made of die-cast aluminum made of tin,
and the unique arch-shaped frame connects the feet
at the rear, highlighting the curvature of the saddle
leather or leather.