MiumiuDeocr SPENCER Simple fabric big bed

This exquisite and tortuous bed with soft lines
combines aesthetics and ergonomics, which is the
same as the basic principle of the seat system of the
same name.
The bed frame is completely covered with fabric or
leather, without sharp corners at all, and has an
enveloping headboard (soft shell, attracted by plush
quilts), which attracts by creating a pleasant sense of
intimacy and shelter Sleep. The bed can provide
maximum comfort and, due to the shape of the
headboard, can support the correct reading posture.
The bed rests on Pewter's colored die-cast aluminum
avant-garde feet at a 45-degree angle to the edge of
the bed to allow it to move around the bed while
avoiding unpleasant encounters with unwanted
The Spencer bed has a universal personality and can
be safely installed in any fabric and leather of the
Minotti series, and can be combined with style and
discretion in any bedroom setting.
headboard size:207*235*95mm