MiumiuDecor REVER style Simple fabric big bed

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The enveloping proportions create an elegant and
simple bed. The majestic headboard is reminiscent
of the lapel of a jacket, that is, the neckline can be
folded around the neck, which is ideal for large
spaces. Recall the style of the past with the current
eyes, with an increasingly personalized aesthetics.
Wood and its derivatives, polyurethane foams with
different densities, pre-covered in polyester filler,
removable coverings (not washable) with fabrics
with peripheral bands in fabric, leather or nubuck
Material :Coarse linen + solid wood frame + reinforced row skeleton
Material 2:Small linen cloth + solid wood frame + reinforced row skeleton
Bed size :180*200cm
Frame size :244*247*105mm
Producing time :15-30days after paying 
Note:customized kindly contact us by message