Rotatable ergonomic office chair

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PA material headrest: 6-level lifting range up to 5.5cm Back: External high-grade aluminum alloy backrest frame, matched with nylon mesh back and high-quality imported special mesh finish. Armrest: It is integrally formed by new PA and fiber injection molding, and 5D function adjustment of soft PU armrest surface is added. Lifting range up to 6cm height Seat: Use PA plus fiber hollow mesh seat, with front and back sliding function, the sliding range is about 5cm. With high-quality imported special net finish. The black powder-free styling sponge with a density of 45 or more slides forward 5 cm. Passed fatigue test 100,000 times without exception Chassis: 3.0mm thick iron plate, multi-angle, five-speed locking chassis Pneumatic rod: The black 100/80 standard three-stage pneumatic rod required by the Korean brand has passed continuous pressure measurement 100,000 times without damage. Five-star foot: adopts high-grade eight-claw aluminum alloy foot with a radius of 345mm, and has passed the 1800KG static pressure test without quality abnormalities. Equipped with 60mm diameter matte all black PU nylon silent wheels.