MiumiuDecor White style sofa set

WHITE series
The structure and proportions brought a new
structure of the sofa. White seems to be a
combination of perfectly balanced shapes. The
repeated overlap of horizontal lines forms a very
unique aesthetic pattern, which is further emphasized
by the use of several different materials.
The sofa base can be decorated with fabric, leather
or saddle-shaped cushions. Place the seat back,
cushion and tray top on the sofa to create a charming
interaction of shapes and alternate positive and
negative spaces. The sofa is located on a uniquely
designed die-cast aluminum-tin alloy color foot, which
forms an angle of 45° with the corner of the sofa.
Even a larger size composition can add flavor. In
order to make the sofa more popular, a deeper layer
of goose down is added to the padding in the
cushions, making them luxurious and soft, and
forming a pleasant contrast with the sleek form of the
sofa base.
Right armrest F position: 123*123*88
Three persons-H persons: 208 (170cm seat bag + 38cm coffee table board) *103*88
Royal Concubine-C: 248*103*88