MiumiuDecor Lawson style sofas

LAWSON series
Relying on the balance of its smooth shapes and soft
volume, the Lawson seating system explores
different types of chairs, provides innovative solutions,
and breaks the boundaries of traditional styles.
The design has an appearance based on the
juxtaposition of materials: one side is leather, which
curves along the curve surrounding the backrest,
which in turn becomes an armrest; the other side is
the cushion fabric, which has a high fashion sense.
The many different layouts of the system and the
interesting alternating depth range mean that it is
ideal for creating small, private spaces and
arrangements with multiple elements, all of which are
suitable for elegantly occupying larger spaces.
The sofas and armchairs are placed on metal feet
with chrome or polished tin finishes, which are
jewellery details that add a touch of sophistication to
the work.
Abnormal E position:193*130*68MM
Shaped A3 Seats: 255*93*68MM
Material: fabric