MiumiuDecor LAWRENCE style sofa sets

$4,318.30 Sale price $6,169.00
Lawrence sofa has amazing versatility and can
create highly dynamic compositions by combining
different parts.
Lawrence has two versions, high or low armrests.
Everyone is related to different design aesthetics.
The high armrest is thinner than the low armrest. In
addition to being stronger, the high armrest is also an
ideal place to place cushions to comfortably lie on the
The elegant black nickel metal frame highlights the
formal beauty of the Lawrence sofa, while the
receding peripheral base of the metal alloy and the
black paint support the sofa, making the sofa appear
to float on the floor. This very delicate detail also
functions to protect the lower part of the sofa.
E seat:140*140*82cm customized
Unit without armrest-D position:85*113*82cm
Three cloth armrests-B position:197*113*82cm
Square E seat:168*168*82 customized
Long E seat:112*168*82 customized
the Price provided:B+D+E=197+85+140=422cm
The sofa B and D (A) are made of DOMINIC-43A off-white burlap/square
E position (B) is made of TA-826 frosted leather/1 small backrest
(C) is made of MOUS-39A dark red burlap.