MiumiuDecor FREEMAN style sofa sets

$3,383.00 Sale price $4,833.00
FREEMAN series
Through the seating system, various elements are
displayed with different functions, strong aesthetic
characteristics, elegant proportions and unparalleled
comfort, thereby innovating the design of indoor living
The base of the sofa is made of an elegant extruded
aluminum frame with rounded edges and a smooth
bronze finish. The cast aluminum joint fitting at the
corner is a clear detail, adding a delicate atmosphere
to the sofa base.
The sofa is lifted from the floor with delicate metal
feet, and the surface is coated with light bronze gloss
paint, which has an overall light effect.
Single armrest three positions-B position: 196*107*62cm
Single armrest three positions-B position: 196*112*62cm
Cabinet-middle cabinet: 95×45×39cm
Imperial concubine in first leather material :115*199*62cm