MiumiuDecor ALEXANDER style sofa sets

Alexander is a seat system that can be combined into
different forms, and various modular elements can
achieve a wide range of L-shaped configurations. It
can evolve into a linear perfect geometry.
These modules can have high or low backrests, or a
combination of both contributes to the versatility of
the system.
The base is lifted from the ground by supporting
elements of light bronze aluminum strips to convey
the lightness of the suspended volume.
SIZE:Arc C position:180*105*83mm
Corner F:137*105*83mm
Unit without armrest-D position:110*105*83mm
Concubine seat -E profile seat:167*144*83mm
B seat:247*105*80mm
Material:The sofa has two headrests (B) made of ZUCCA-99C black chidori/1 piece of bag
(C) made of CAPPU-77A blue velvet cloth/1 piece of bag
(D) made of GUESS-69 blue burlap/1 A small backing bag
(E) is made of CAPPU-01A white velvet cloth/others are all made main color
(A) POMINIC-91A light gray