Light luxury Nordic solid color flannel curtains

Material: flannel
The main component of the fabric: polyester fiber (polyester)
Fabric subcomponent: polyester fiber (polyester)
Main ingredient content of fabric: 70
Subcomponent content of fabric: 30
Process: Pure color
Function: high shading (70%-90%)
Category: Perforated Curtain
Can be customized: Yes
Color: coral pink-72#, olive green-25#, red-70#, yellow-27#, gray-green-55#, gray-48#, dark green-76#, deep blue-59#
Specifications: zero cut/meter (not processed), whole roll/meter (starting from 50 meters), Korean pleat processing/meter (with a good extension hook), perforation processing/meter (with a silent ring)
Style: modern and simple

1. Price:

The price includes ONE piece(ONE panel) of curtain with gauze .

(if you want one panel on each side of your window, please order 1 pieces .size provided is the curtainer size instead of windows size ;if you need to customize ,kindly contact us by DM )

Tiebacks, tassels and beads, hooks are not included in the price.

2. Size:

W is the width and L is the length.

I.E. W100 L250 is 100cm width and 250cm length.

(If you want to change the length, please leave us a message.)

The maximum height we can make is 270cm!

3. Processing styles:

You can choose one of them
The provide prices is for type 1 (standard one )
if you want to choose the other type ,kindly leave us a message

4. Tips:

*The default style is style 1; Gromment tops ;oeillets top 5-6 gromments per meter . If no message leaft, we will ship style 1.

*If you need both tulle curtains and blackout curtains to be meters, you need to order separately.

*More information about how to measure the window 


Style 1:Rings


The inside diamter of Grommet is 4cm,outside diameter is 6cm.


Suitable for curtain poles   · 2 times of the fabric is the suggested fullness.

Style 2:Hooks

Hooks curtain tape(7cm width) is sewed on the top of curtain panel.We provide 4 piece of 4-prong hooks per meter.


Suitable for curtain poles or tracks · 2 times of the fabric is the suggested fullness.

Style 3:Pull Pleated Tape

Pencil pleat(Tape 7cm) works better on fabrics that are not too thick.We provide 6 hooks per meter


Suitable for curtain poles or tracks  ·2.5 times fabric is the suggested fullness.

Style 4:Rod Pocket

A Pocket is sewn across the top of the curtain panel through which the curtain rod is inserted.Rod pocket is 5-6cm,which is included in curtain length.


Suitable for curtain poles ·2 times fabric is the suggested fullness.