Artificial body office chair

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Back: Brand new PA fiber injection molding one-piece plastic frame, the top of the head is reversed, and the 2.0mm stitched plastic edge is inserted, which shows the effect of fine corner processing. Embedded soft PP keel can adjust the soft waist. With high-quality imported special net.
Handrail: It is integrally molded with new PP and fiber injection.
Seat: Use PP reinforced inner rubber sheet with PP reinforced bottom shell (slide 5 cm forward), with imported special net
Cotton: use a non-powdered styling sponge with a density of 45 or more, which is more durable
Chassis: 3.0mm thick iron plate self-loading three-speed locking chassis
Pneumatic rod: The black 100/80 standard three-stage pneumatic rod required by the Korean brand has passed continuous pressure measurement 100,000 times without damage.
Five-star feet: New material eight-claw nylon feet with a radius of 345mm are used, and they have passed the 1400KG static pressure test without quality abnormalities. Equipped with 60mm diameter matt all black PU nylon wheels.